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Catalan Elite Football
🇮🇪 Dublin, Ireland

“FutbolJobs has given a step forward and it has taken risks to open doors in a sector to be developed; something that deserves the respect and admiration of everyone we are part of this wonderful but sometimes chaotic world”

Leiknir Reykjavík sub19
🇮🇸 Reykjavik, Iceland

He got representation through the agency Quality Players and played for 4 months in Iceland. Currently, he plays for Marino CD at División de Honor Juvenil in Spain

International Agency
🇪🇸 Andalucía, Spain

“It seemed the same old history, submit your CV, no reply, but luckily, thanks to FutbolJobs I got a reply… Currently i´m working for the seventh most important agency in the world”

European Elite Soccer
🇮🇪 Dublin, Ireland

“With FutbolJobs I found my current job, as a football coach in Dublin (Ireland). How? I registered and I was receiving job offers and checking the website everyday and submitting my resume to the job offers in which I was interested”

TK Club Sports
🇨🇳 Beijing, China

“I presented myself without too much hope of being selected, but later, when I was one of the final three candidates in all Spain, I saw it was possible”

Foundation Marcet
🇪🇸 Barcelona, Spain

“I want to thank the platform FutbolJobs for the work they do and I do invite all those users that want to search serious job opportunities to get registered on the website and trust in the formality of this platform”

Foundation Marcet
🇪🇸 Barcelona, Spain

“Last summer, while I was living in USA, I found on the FutbolJobs site a job offer to become goalkeeper coach in a football academy in Barcelona, the Fundación Marcet.”

Foundation Marcet
🇪🇸 Barcelona, Spain

“I want to thank both FutbolJobs and Fundación Marcet for the confidence shown in me. I´m eternally grateful to you.”

Catalan Elite Football
🇮🇪 Dublin, Ireland

“FutbolJobs is an innovative tool in its sector, a great link between all agencies and people that form this great sport”

1. FC Heiningen
🇩🇪 Heiningen, Germany

“I was one of those who thought that as with many CVs I submitted I would not get any response, until one day I got an offer”