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Al Jazira Football Academy is seeking a Head Academy Physiotherapist to lead and manage the Physiotherapy service at the Academy teams Under 12 to 21 under the appropriate governance.

Mandatory role prerequisites
 Live in Abu Dhabi
 Fluency in Arabic and English.

Role and responsibilities:
 Supervise and manage part-time physical therapists at Al Jazeera Academy.
 Design and deliver an evidence-based treatment and rehabilitation program for all injured academy players.
 Organize rotations to ensure that all training sessions and matches throughout the Academy program are covered appropriately.
 Weekly manage the medical coverage of all the Academy teams and control and manage the injuries of the Academy players.
 Ensure proper and complete medical notes are completed for all players. inside the academy.
 Ensure that the coaching staff is aware of all injuries sustained by players and the progress of said players at the appropriate stages.
 Carry out administrative tasks with the academy doctor according to the role, as Organization of medical examinations.
 Arrange and attend consultations/picture appointments with academy players where necessary.
 Attend night academy training sessions and games, as appropriate, to provide on-site physical therapy and emergency fieldside care.
 Educate Al Jazeera Academy players on injury prevention, injury care and post-match care and training recovery strategies.
 Attend Continuing Professional Development courses.
 Mentor and provide clinical support and guidance to part-time medical staff, ensuring they meet the required standards set out in the Al Jazeera club at all times.
 Communicate regularly with the academy doctor regarding the status and progress of injured players within the academy.
 Liaise regularly with the Head of Physiotherapy on the running of the Physiotherapy Academy. Department.
 Act at all times in a manner appropriate to a representative of Al Jazeera Club
 Ensuring that all players under their charge also act appropriately and in accordance with the Al Jazeera Club Academy Codes of Conduct.

Experience and Qualifications:
 Bachelor (Hons) in Physiotherapy
 Valid HAAD certificate and license to practice Physiotherapy
 At least 4 years experience in physical therapy
 Sports First Aid Certification
 Excellent English, be able to communicate at the highest level.
 Have a flexible approach to work.
 Excellent computer skills.
 Demonstrates honesty, integrity, reliability and the ability to ensure confidentiality at all times.
 Friendly, well organized with the ability to multi-task and perform well under pressure.
 Possess strong time management skills and have a flexible approach to work
 Protection of the formation of children
 Experience working in a sports club.