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Melbourne City Football School Coaches
• Connect, develop and educate young players in the philosophies and methodology of CFG.
• Global focus on the local community
• Innovative deliveries to grow and develop the City of Melbourne Football School

The job
We are looking for coaches to provide enjoyable, exciting, dynamic, challenging, educational and fun training.
Weekly sessions for players from 5 to 14 years old using the PLAY methodology developed in City Football
Cluster. These positions are offered on an occasional basis.
Based in the South East, we require position holders to deliver high quality sessions within the City of Melbourne.
Weekly football school program and school holiday programs, deliver sessions at affiliated clubs and schools with a willingness to assist in coaching roles for other parts of the club such as the community and the academy.

Key Responsibilities
football delivery
• Connect and develop young players
• Ensuring that City Football Group’s philosophies, methodology and coaching principles are incorporated into program delivery
• Ensure that the sessions delivered are enjoyable, exciting, dynamic, challenging, educational and fun by using a variety of teaching and training techniques.
• Being able to comfortably offer quality training sessions to players between the ages of 5 and 14.
• Being able to comfortably deliver quality training sessions at multiple skill levels from players new to the game to elite young players.
• Educate both players and parents on soccer delivery and development.
• Design and review content weekly and quarterly, following a long-term development plan

Operations (Administration)
• Work with the program coordinator to ensure sessions are safe, follow COVID-19-Safe plans, and ensure facilities and equipment are at an acceptable level.
• Work with the program coordinator to track attendance, update reservations, or communicate updates to parents.
• Work with the program coordinator to develop new and current locations within Melbourne City Football School.
• Build and maintain strong relationships with all key stakeholders, including venues, parents, and other staff

Parent Communications
• Professionally manage and communicate with new and existing clients
• Communicate and educate players, coaches, and partners in understanding and delivering a program.
• Communicate in a variety of settings, such as informal, formal, individual or group.
• Educate both players and parents on the delivery and development of competitive soccer.

Business / Strategic
• Understand each age group, always acting proactively
• Manage the number of sessions, ensuring quality is measured against quantity
• Ensuring high retention rates and how it is key to the success of the Soccer School
• Suggest and implement new ways to attract customers and generate growth

What do we need from you:-
• Must have FFA Coaching Certification (minimum c level) – B preferred.
• Ability to develop and manage young athletes
• Knowledge of youth coaching and youth soccer (preferably in Victoria)
• Intermediate computer skills, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Keynote
• Deep and demonstrable understanding of the tactical, technical and physical requirements of modern football
• Must have current police and WWCC checks
• Flexible with willingness to work weekends when appropriate.