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A Senior First Team Rehabilitation Physiotherapist is required to ensure excellence in the provision of rehabilitation with the aim of minimizing time lost to injury for first team players. This will be done through clear rehab planning and the use of specific goal markers to guide return to play. This will be a collaborative effort achieved by working closely with other physical therapists and the broader multidisciplinary team (MDT).

The following job description sets out the functions that the First Team Senior Rehabilitation Physiotherapist is required to provide as part of the medical department.

This is a role for an outstanding leader in the field of sports physical therapy who has the experience and vision to deliver excellent physical therapy and rehabilitation skills. The successful applicant will seek to improve processes already in place and be innovative in creating performance advantages for the team.

She must be able to work as part of a large MDT and draw on the expertise of others within our club to optimize player care. This includes other physical therapists, doctors, sports scientists, nutritionists, psychologists, coaches and analysts.

Looking for a flexible candidate. The position will involve working irregular hours (eg Evenings/Saturdays/Sundays/Bank Holidays) as well as some occasional travel.

Key Responsibilities

His duties are to lead the First Team Squad’s rehabilitation services and work under the guidance of the Chief Physiotherapist and Chief Medical Officer to achieve the highest standards. It will also help ensure a consistent approach to rehab across the development team and academy.

Multilingual language skills would be a significant advantage for this position.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation:

His duties predominantly involve, but are not exclusive to, the first team squad.

Act as team leader for the rehabilitation of injured players and liaise with senior staff on their progress.
Manage rehabilitation delivery by other physical therapists on a daily basis, ensuring rehabilitation is optimized through close and consistent integration between physical therapy and sports science.
Build healthy relationships with injured players to ensure their confidence in your rehabilitation plan and process.
Aim for players to fully re-engage in a timely manner while ensuring clinical and functional goals are met through excellent planning.
Provide information and ensure a plan is in place for ongoing post-injury care with the broader medical team.
Work primarily with the first team, but establish clear philosophies for rehab and engage with the development and academy teams. This includes consulting with other squad personnel about complex or difficult rehabs they may have.
Lead the design of rehabilitation plans that focus on athletes and strive for the continuous development of player performance.
Head of Line and Leading the First Team of Rehabilitation Physiotherapists.
Actively participate in medical team meetings to inform the broader team about the status of the players.
Lead regular rehab meetings that involve the broader MDT from across the club.
Be available to help get first team players fit as needed during training to optimize availability for training sessions and matches.
Assist in effective recovery strategies for players who have busy match schedules.
To communicate with the injured player, you will need good communication with the Chief Physician, the Chief Physiotherapist and other medical and non-medical personnel involved in the rehabilitation process.
Maintain the confidentiality of all persons treated and complete medical notes for all treatments.
You will be part of the wider physiotherapy team serving the first team and as such you may be asked to assist in other areas of physiotherapy provision as required.
personal attributes

Think about the future, generate innovative ideas
Values ​​and respects others, builds relationships, collaborates
Gets things done, meets the highest standards, takes responsibility
Clear, concise and adequate communication will be essential in this role.
A respect for confidentiality


Skills and experience

Evidence of postgraduate studies will be required.
Language skills would be beneficial, particularly Spanish, Italian or French.
Previous experience as a team leader or personnel management is a plus.

You should always keep an up-to-date record with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the Council of Health Professionals.
You must also ensure that you maintain continuing professional development as required by the Healthcare Professionals Council (HPC) and Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) guidelines.
Maintain current ATMMiF qualifications as established by the Football Association.