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Fenerbahçe Futbol A.Ş. They are looking for candidates in the position of “Physiotherapist” to be assigned to our Women’s Soccer Branch. If you wish to request our ad, you can send your resume to [email protected] e-mail address of our published ad with the reference code fenerbahçe 90.


. Organization of physical exercise sessions
. Work with professionals like doctors and nurses
. Coaching and counseling patients on exercise and movement
. Encourage athletes to develop a healthy lifestyle with factors of strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.
. Motivate athletes during treatment to help them see the best improvement
. Be knowledgeable about the latest developments in the profession
. Notification of the treatment process
. Prevention of sports injuries and application of preventive rehabilitation.
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. Graduates of related departments of universities
. Strong communication and empathy
. Knowledge of anatomy and physiology
. You can use technical equipment such as heat pack, ice pack, exercise equipment, ultrasound and electrotherapy
. MS Office Masters Programs
. Pay attention to patient privacy and ethical values
. Be patient, responsible and kind
. Able to keep up with busy work schedule
. Bet on the colors yellow navy blue