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Sports psychology is taking on an important role both in the preparation of matches and in managing the results afterwards. Although traditionally the physical condition of the players has been the main focus, there is an increasing emphasis on psychology, since it is proved that it has a great impact on the player’s performance and in obtaining the best possible results.

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If you are wondering how to be a soccer psychologist, the answer will be found in our job offers. This profession is highly demanded by football clubs and all sports in general since having mentally prepared players is an advantage over rivals. Without a doubt, having a good psychological preparation is benefitial for the team’s morale, which will leave with greater motivation and self-confidence. Thus, teams know how to value the figure of a sports psychologist in order to improve performance in training and matches.

Find a job as a psychologist in soccer

Our experience in this field allows us to publish the best offers for soccer psychologist jobs. If you think you have the skills to help players and teams, we offer you the opportunity to contact the clubs that are looking for a specialist with your profile. Seeing the trend of football teams, both elite and lower categories, it is clear that sports psychologists are going to increase their importance in the daily life of soccer, since they are taken into account for training and the talks before and after the games.