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Unique program in Spain that provides access to official PhD, the only one recognized by Spanish Education Minister.
Training, physiology and biomechanics labs with the latest technologies available for our students.
Academic cloister composed by renowned international professionals from the sports training and nutrition.
The program of professional practice sessions takes place in leading clubs and enterprises of the sector which demand the very best from the students.


Master’s Degree in Sports Training and Nutrition

The Master’s Degree in Sports Training and Nutrition is designed to provide students with specialized knowledge of the most stateof-the-art training methods, the latest trends in sports nutrition, and natural ergogenic aids for improving sports performance.

The program is based on an eminently practical work methodology. In order to achieve an optimal assimilation of knowledge we combine teamwork, attendance at seminars, and individual work at the campus’s facilities which are equipped with cutting edge technology, including physiological laboratories with equipment for carrying out functional assessment tests and training tests, and a training lab equipped for strength measurement.

Study Plan

MODULE 1. Biochemistry and Physiology Applied to Training

MODULE 2. Nutrition and Ergogenic Aids

  • Fundamentals of human nutrition, with special reference to physical activity and sport.
  • Digestive system and metabolism of macro- and micro-nutrients.
  • Nutrition and effects on the neuroendocrinal system.
  • Analysis of foods and food technology.
  • Nutrition, immunological response and physical performance.
  • Organization of diet.
  • Nutritional ergogenic aids.
  • Nutraceuticals: definition and integration in a functional diet.
  • Description and classification of natural supplements.
  • Description, use and application of the most commonly used supplements in sport health and performance.
  • Use of carbohydrates to improve health and performance. Sports drinks.
  • Stimulants, buffers, ergogenic aids for special situations (heat, humidity, height).

MODULE 3. Biomechanics Applied to Sports

  • Physical principles of movement.
  • Kinematic analysis of movement in sport.
  • Mechanical and functional structures of movement in sport.
  • Technology applied to the analysis of sports technique.
  • Kinanthropometry of the human body.

MODULE 4. Sports Training

  • Strength and flexibility training.
  • Resistance training.
  • Speed training and sports technique.
  • Methodological bases of the programming and periodization of sports training.
  • Control of competition in team sports.
  • Training in combat sports and games with racquets or other equipment.
  • Training at early ages (sport talent detection).
  • Training in special conditions (height, heat, cold, etc.).

MODULE 5. Psychology and Sociology of Sports and Competition

  • Management of sports groups.
  • Motivation in competitive sport. Motivation theories.
  • Emotional and social intelligence in sport.
  • Leadership in competitive sport. Leadership theories.

MODULE 6. Biomechanics of Sports Injuries

  • Biomechanical factors of injuries.
  • Kinetic chain in sports injuries.
  • Joint sports injuries.
  • Muscular sports injuries.
  • Bone sports injuries.
  • Work on prevention, proprioception and recovery from sports injuries.
  • Ergogenic and nutritional aids in the recovery from sports injuries.

MODULE 7. Specific Seminars

  • Psycho-physical exhaustion, determining factors (prevention and recovery)
  • Use of vibration in training to improve sports performance
  • Optimization of learning in individual sports: structural analysis and adaptation methodology
  • Update on new technologies applied to the analysis of training and competition in different sports
  • Monitoring the neurophysiological response to different workloads and recovery using the omega wave device
  • Latest advances in doping detection in sports
  • Discussion panels and roundtable debates with leading figures and experts from the world of sports

MODULE 8. Practicum

MODULE 9. Final Project


Dr. D. Sergio Jiménez Sáiz Program
Director. Associate professor. ANECA, (Spanish National Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation certified). Expert in high performance sports and group management, Universidad Europea de Madrid. Professional trainer

D. Jaime Abascal Castañón
Program Director. Real Madrid Medical Services. Academy doctor of Real Madrid’s Sanitas medical services

Dr. Asker Jeukendrup
Full professor. World leader in the study of sports physiology and carbohydrates. Gatorade Institute. mysportscience. Loughborough University

Dr. Alejandro Lucía Mulas
Full professor. World authority on the study of genetics and health in different populations, including sportspersons. Universidad Europea

D. Xesco Espar
Professor of the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia, Handball European champion. Expert in personal development and high performance sports

Dr. Iñigo Mujika
World authority on sports training. Member of the group of trainers off the Spanish swimming and triathlon federations

Dr. Juan M. García Manso
Associate professor. International leader and expert in sports training. Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Dr. Nicolás Terrados Cepeda
Doctor of Sports Medicine. Head Doctor at Barcelona 92’. Director of the Regional Sports Medicine Unit of Asturias at Avilés.

Dr. David de Lorenzo
Director of the Centre of Studies in Genomics and Nutrition, and coordinator of the Rare Genomics Institute in Spain. He is a specialist in interactions between the human genome and nutrients (nutrigenomics)

Dr. Luis Serratosa
Real Madrid CF doctor. Expert in epidemiology and nutrition in top level athletes. Hospital Quirón de Madrid

Dr. Joaquín Más
Real Madrid CF doctor. On-field doctor for Real Madrid CF’s first team

Dra. Margarita Pérez Ruiz
Associate university professor. Expert in exercise physiology. Universidad Europea

Dr. Carlos Balsalobre
Expert in training control and sports applications. Universidad Europea de Madrid

Dr. Jaime Sampaio
University full professor. Expert in notational analysis. Universidade de Tras os Montes e Alto Douro (Portugal).

Dr. Mikel Izquierdo
University full professor. Expert in strength and health training. Universidad Pública de Navarra

Dr. Juan J. González Badillo
University full professor. Professor of theoretical and practical sports training and expert in strength training. Universidad Pablo de Olavide

Dr. Carlos Lago Peñas
Associate professor. Expert in competition analysis and football. Universidad de Vigo

Dr. Jean Côté
University full professor. International expert in development and psychosocial factors affecting sport and the performance of physical activities and sports. Queen’s University (Canada).

Dr. Juan J. Molina Martín
Associate professor. Volleyball sports expert and director of the Team Sports Analyses research line, Universidad Europea

D. Dámaso Rodríguez Serrano
Sports nutritionist and nurse of the Real Madrid CF medical services – Sanitas

Dr. Alfredo Santalla Hernández
Associate professor. Expert in the physiology of exercise. Universidad Pablo de Olavide de Sevilla

Dr. Alberto Lorenzo Calvo
Associate professor. Top level basketball trainer. International renowned expert in the development and management of sports talent. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Dr. Miguel A. Gómez Ruano
Associate professor. Expert in Sports Methodology and Research. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Dr. Joaquín Figueroa Alchapar
Expert in endocrinology and sports nutrition. Professor at Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio

Dr. Manuel Rodríguez Alonso
Sports doctor. International expert in ergogenic aids and supplements in top level athletes. Professor at Universidad de Oviedo

Dr. Fernando Naclerio
Associate professor. Expert in sports training and dietary planning for athletes. Greenwich University (UK)

Dr. Julio Calleja
Associate professor. Expert in exercise physiology and sport training for team sports. Universidad del País Vasco

Dr. David Rodríguez Ruiz
Associate professor. Expert in strength and jump performance training. Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Dr. Alberto García Bataller
Associate professor. Expert in cyclical sports training. Olympic athlete trainer. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Dr. Jordi Álvaro Alcalde
Expert in the technology and statistical monitoring of team sports. Spanish national handball team. Professor of Universidad Europea

Dr. Juan Del Coso
Professor of sports training theory. Expert in doping and hydration of top level athletes. Universidad Camilo José Cela

Dra. Noelia Bonfanti
Expert in sports nutrition. High level sports nutritionist. Club Estudiantes

D. Juan Carlos Álvarez
Athletics trainers for Olympic long jump athletes. Professor of Athletics. Universidad Europea

D. Juan Trapero
Physical trainer of Real Madrid C.F’s first basketball team. Ex-Olympic athlete and Spanish sprint champion. Real Madrid C.F.

Dr. Juan Del Campo Vecino
Associate professor. Expert in sports training of top level athletes. CAR Madrid. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Dr. Jesús Rivilla
Expert in personal physical preparation. Training BodyCore. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

D. Iván Gonzalo
Expert in personal physical preparation. Training elements. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

D. Carlos Sosa Marín
Professor at Universidad Europea de Madrid. Head of physical preparation services for Real Madrid C.F. Basketball.

Differential Aspects


  • It is the only university master’s degree specialized in sports training and nutrition leading to an official qualification.
  • The master prepares students for their doctorate.
  • The teaching staff comprises some of the most prestigious professionals in the country in the field of sports training and nutrition.
  • The program of professional practice sessions takes place in leading clubs and enterprises of the sector which demand the very best from the students

Career Opportunities

The master’s syllabus includes a mandatory internship in the field of nutrition or training, and the tutored preparation of an End of Master Project, in which students may use the technology available at Universidad Europea. The students will have at their disposal state-of-the-art equipment and a sports center (weight room, cardio room, functional training room), athletics track and football pitch, where they can carry out all the required tasks and acquire the experience necessary to be able to pursue their profession with the benefit of a higher level of training.

For the provision of professional internships the master has agreements signed with: Real Madrid CF, Rafa Nadal Academy, Athletic Club Bilbao, Sevilla FC, Spanish Volley-Ball Federation, …