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Unique program in Spain that provides access to official PhD, the only one recognized by Spanish Education Minister.
Up to date program that will allow you to actualize your Marketing knowledge and follow the last trends in Sports Marketing.
Real Madrid Experience and International trips where you’ll have the chance to learn from the most important stakeholders in the market and improve your network.
100% of our students develop successful internships in recognized sport companies and institutions, among them Real Madrid CF.


Master’s Degree in Sports Marketing

The sports sector is growing exponentially all over the world. It is also a hugely global industry.

There is a double connection between sports and the world of marketing and sales. On the one hand, there are an increasing number of companies whose business relates to sports, and which need an in-depth understanding of the right marketing and sales tools to achieve success in their competitive environment; and on the other hand, sports are by nature an excellent communications platform for companies in any economic sector, thanks to their extraordinary reach in the media and the values they transmit, and they can provide great added value to any company or brand associated with them.

The Master’s Degree in Sports Marketing, offered by Real Madrid Graduate School and Universidad Europea, is a pioneering international program in the field of sports marketing, designed to give international or Spanish students with a global and multicultural outlook the training they need to take advantage of professional opportunities in the combined fields of marketing and sports.

Study Plan

Module I. The characteristics of sports marketing

  • The conceptualization and categorization of sports marketing
  • The function of marketing within sports companies
  • Sports as a marketing tool
  • The history and evolution of sports marketing

Module II. The image of sports and sports sponsorship

  • Sports in the traditional media
  • Sports on the Internet and social networks. Community Management for teams and athletes
  • Sports sponsorship: conceptualization and categorization
  • Sports sponsorship: corporate sponsorship policies and activation of sponsorship
  • Sports and corporate social responsibility
  • Personal image management for professional athletes

Module III. Market research in sports

  • Analysis of the sports sector and competitors
  • Analysis of clients
  • Market research tools. Main studies
  • Big Data applications in the world of sports

Module IV Consumer behavior

  • Typical characteristics of sports consumption
  • The behavior of consumers of sports products and services
  • The behavior of consumers of sports events
  • Sports consumption in the hierarchy of needs

Module V. Sports marketing strategy

  • Strategy in sports products and services
  • Price strategy in sports products and services
  • Distribution strategy in sports products and services
  • Media strategy in sports
  • Marketing-mix strategy applied to sports

Module VI. The sports marketing plan

  • The sports marketing planning process
  • Definition of the marketing plan: stages, structure, format and development
  • The sports company marketing plan

Module VII. International sports marketing

  • Internationalizing sports companies
  • International sports events
  • City Marketing
  • International marketing strategies
  • Sports marketing in professional leagues and the Olympics

Module VIII. Sports marketing and communication

  • Strategic and operational marketing
  • Sponsorship and patronage in sports
  • Sports rights
  • Sports and society
  • Sports and the media

Module IX. Professional internships Module X Final thesis


The faculty in the sports marketing master degree is formed by academics and External experts and professional in Business that are in a continuous contact with the sports marketing industry. Furthermore, the course is providing some specific master classes where Real Madrid managers will explain their related management areas in the club. The most important are:


D. Ricardo Alonso
Marketing department director in Real Madrid C.F.

D. Olivier Bara
Facility and venue manager in Real Madrid C.F.

D. Rafael de los Santos
New Media department Manager in Real Madrid C.F.

D. Jorge de la Vega
Sponsorship manager in Real Madrid C.F.

D. Juan Antonio Frutos
Customer loyalty programs manager in Real Madrid C.F.

D. David Moracho
Marketing services manager in Real Madrid C.F.

D. Fernanda Montoro
Audiovisual department and digital business in Real Madrid C.F.

D. Juan Pedro Martínez
Sales Facility manager in Real Madrid C.F.

D. Álvaro Vitores
Sponsorship and Advertising in Real Madrid C.F.

D. Pedro Corrales
Sponsorship and Advertising in Real Madrid C.F.

D. Carlos Pérez
Sponsorship and Advertising in Real Madrid C.F.

Differential Aspects


  • Unique program in Spain that provides access to official PhD. program according to the regulations of the European Higher Education Area.
  • Prestigious professors from the business and academic world, including executives from the marketing area of the best club of the 20th century.
  • Innovative methodology, using online resources, case studies and based on situations that occur in the proffesional world of sports.



  • Our Internships. 100% of our students develop successful internships in recognized sport companies and institutions.
  • Our Faculty. 60 Real Madrid professionals took part in our programs as professors or tutors for the final master projects.
  • Real Madrid Experience. Great experiences and visits networking with the best professionals in sports: Bernabéu Stadium, Adidas headquarters, Madrid Mutua Open, Barclaycard Arena, Spobis Conference, ISPO Exhibiton, Semana Blanca.

Career Opportunities


The program finishes with professional internships in the marketing and communications departments of sports-related companies and institutions, including none other than Real Madrid CF as well as other teams, sports marketing agencies and large companies that include sports in their marketing and communications strategies.

If you want to gain extra work experience before finalizing your university studies, you are welcome to carry out extracurricular internships. You can carry them out in whichever year of your studies you choose but we remind you that internships are formative and should complement your studies. The more theoretical knowledge you have acquired throughout your degree, the more you will benefit from the internships.