LaLiga Business School - Máster en Derecho Aplicado al Fútbol Profesional

The Master in Global Sports Marketing program, which consists of 8 modules, will effectively emphasize this new environment, and give you the tools to keep you updated in a field that evolves with each step it takes. This program offers a truly global vision of sports business and soccer industry by adding important components from very diverse local market.

As a 6-month extension of the academic course, the internship must represent the opportunity to apply your lessons in actual businesses with real outcomes.

Working on a specific project for LaLiga, for a sports entity or for a brand related to sports will provide the perfect platform and environment to test and polish learnings at the same time you forge connections and nurture a strong network of sports industry professionals.

More than any other school, Laliga opens the door of great businesses to work for (football teams, sports institutions, communication groups, sponsors, etc.), gives access to great experts and professionals to learn from.

LaLiga Business School´s objective is toprovide to its students the real-world experience at the main leading sports organizations, which plays a vital role in their education.

Our students have the opportunity not only to develop strong professional skills, valuable industry connections and real-life awareness of industry standards, but also to be part of the creation and coordinating projects within the companies.


We aim to identify, inspire, challenge and set on the right track the future protagonists of the sports industry, the ones that are going to extract from today’s trends the seeds of the future growth of the football business and the sports industry at a global scale.

Target Group and Student Profile

  • We seek to admit students into Master in Global Sports Marketing program who offer diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and interests, and who share a commitment to excellence in the sports industry.
  • We aim to detect the future protagonists which are going to establish the new standards and the new tendencies of
    the sports marketing.
  • We look for evidence of that commitment in areas including applicants’ academic records, their professional accomplishments, and their engagement in their community.
  • We place emphasis on those skills and qualities we believe are necessary for academic success and participation in the intellectual life at LaLiga Business


Module I
Introduction to sports and entertainment industries

  1. Understanding the sports industry – Scope and evolution
  2. The power and responsibility of sport – Changing the world
  3. Sports within the entertainment business – Challenges and opportunities
  4. Sports within a globalized world – Challenges and opportunities
    · The demographic challenges of the 21st century
  5. The New Economy disruptive strategies – Challenges and

Module II
Marketing and Communication

  1. Main Marketing principles
  2. Analytical and Operational Marketing – Marketing Mix
  3. Market research – Investigation and measurement
  4. Strategic Marketing
  5. E-Marketing – Social Media Management
  6. Marketing Plan – Marketing Mix
  7. Communication Strategy – PR Strategy and Media plan
    · Media Mix, Paid vs. own and earned media

Module III
Sports Marketing

  1. International Sports Marketing overview
  2. Strategic Marketing in sport business
  3. Market research applied to sports – The consumer of sports
  4. Strategic Marketing plans in sports
  5. City Marketing and sports tourism

Module IV
Strategic Brand Management

  1. Brand value – The power of intangible
    · Brand Value
  2. Brand management – From Brand equity to brand positioning
  3. Building brands – Strategic Brand advantages
  4. Meaningful brand – The Empathy Economy (the new consumer)
  5. Brand extension – Consolidation and co-branding
  6. LaLiga – The Making of a global brand
  7. Brand tracking – Market Research

Module V

  1. Strategic partnerships
  2. Brand sponsorship policy – Sponsorship evaluation models
  3. The return on objectives – Measuring the impact on business
  4. Sponsorship Activation – Engaging fans and beyond
  5. Sponsorship strategies – Traditional models vs. Disruptive
    · Mapping and Benchmarking
  6. Sponsorship program – Building a competitive commercial offer

Module VI
Behavioural Marketing

  1. The New Marketing – Behavioural marketing that converts
  2. Emotional Intelligence – Effective segmentation (brand adaptability to cultural and behavioural differences)
  3. Brand Activation – Opportunities for people and brands
  4. Insight – The new gravity centre
  5. Brand activation – Influence people’s behaviour
  6. Behavioural Marketing in sports

Module VII
Entrepreneuship and Project Management

  1. Strategic planning and control
  2. The entrepreneurship culture within corporations – Project Management
  3. Digital Innovation
  4. E-sports
  5. Health and technology
  6. Social innovation – Social Entrepreneurship in Sports

Module VIII
Effective Global Strategy

  1. The global village
  2. Global strategy architecture – Offices and Global Network
  3. Market optimization – Barriers and drivers of growth
  4. Strategic partnerships
  5. Growth monitoring
  6. Innovation – The culture of change

Internship (6 Moths) Master Thesis

Admissions and Enrolment Procedure

  • Contac the Admissions Department
  • Send your updated CV and Motivation Letter
  • First interview with LaLiga Business School
  • Second interview with a recruitment specialist company
  • Analysis and internal review of the process
  • Enrolment confirmation: payment of place reservation fee

Academic Staff

Enrique Moreno
(LaLiga Global Brand Director)

Óscar Mayo
(LaLiga International Development Director)

Javier Tebas
(LaLiga President)

José Moya Gómez
(LaLiga Business School Director)

José Carlos Franco García
(BI & Analytics Director at LaLiga)

Javier del Río
(Managing Director LaLiga Nigeria)

Boris Gartner
(CEO LaLiga North America)

Miguel José Laguna Ollero
(LaLiga Global Network Director)

Joris Evers
(LaLiga Global CommunicationDirector)

Juan Carlos Díaz Martínez
(LaLiga Sales and MarketingManager)

Alfredo Bermenjo
(LaLiga Digital Strategy Director)

Melcior Soler
(LaLiga Audiovisual Area Director)

Minerva Santana
(LaLiga Innovation and Global Development Director)

Ricardo de Buen Rodríguez
(Referee of the Arbitration Court of Sport (CAS))

Carlos Cantó
(Consultor Independiente)

Félix Muñoz
(Independent consultor & Professor of Marketing and Communication)

Edouard Legendre
(Ogilvy Sponsorship Director)

Miguel Mateo
(Marketing Director & Media EHF)

David Sherramina
(General Manager Octagon Spain)

Adolfo Bara
(Senior Vice President & General Manager Football at IMG)


Total Price: 22.000 € (the enrolment fees included, enrolment fee – 1.000€)