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Our Vision:

Join us to build the world’s greatest football playing community

(Our Mission):

To connect people by providing an easy way to play great football matches

Mission in the Role as City Manager Berlin:

The mission is to build Berlin’s greatest football community by growing the number of football matches in Berlin such that users can always easily find a match to play. The mission is to create a fun and social football community by providing the greatest football match experience.


Growing the number of matches and number of players in Berlin
Maintain and Improve the Customer Experience of the matches in all aspects
Source, negotiate, and close deals with football fields
Maintain long-lasting relationships with football fields
Recruit, onboard, train, retrain, and eventually change organizers
Model the Brand, culture, and values of CeleBreak in the Berlin community
Constantly innovate, experiment and test to improve the main 3 responsibilities: Organizer Experience, Customer Experience, Field Relationships.


  • Skills:
  • Entrepreneurial & Self Starter skills.
  • Great sense for delivering a personalized customer experience.
  • Sense of emotional intelligence and understanding of people's needs, and are able to address situations accordingly.
  • Negotiation skills.
  • Maintain, manage, and develop deep interpersonal relationships.
  • Authentic leadership skills - ability to lead a community and lead football organizers.
  • A high degree of verbal and written communication skills in German and English.
  • Organized and structured work ethics.
  • A native German or have minimum C2 German skills- have complete control over the German language.
  • Attitude:
  • Have a positive mindset and are able to transmit a positive attitude to the Berlin football community and organizers.
  • Take ownership and responsibility. You do not blame others and you always look for solutions.
  • A self-learner, always develop and educate yourself.
  • Curious about people's story and care about their needs and always think about how to solve their needs.
  • Show ego-free behavior and always act in the interest of the community, the people around and in the interest of the company.
  • Show integrity in all decisions; always act in an honest and trustful way towards users, colleagues and all other stakeholders.
  • Always take decisions and actions with full integrity, even if no one is watching.
  • Admit and share mistakes and errors.
  • Are not afraid to share mistakes and errors with colleagues and you take away learnings from mistakes
  • Empathetic, always try to understand the behavior and attitude of another person by putting yourself into their position.

Condiciones laborales:

  • Compensation:
  • Performance-related Pay (min 20K up to 55K).
  • No upper limit for annual salary as it is tied to the performance of the city.
  • Benefits: play football whenever and wherever you want (think about more football-related benefits & perks… local football match? A VIP ticket for a football match? for 2 persons of a local team? up to 1.000€ allowance).
  • Football shoes, shin-guards allowance of up to 200€.
  • 1000€ per year to spend on courses/education of your choice???
  • Yearly summer trip to the CeleBreak (Employee, Friends & Community) Summer Tournament in Barcelona unlimited vacation days - we care about the result and not about the time or hours you spent on work.
  • Coworking Space allowance of up to 200€.
  • Why you should apply?
  • We have a big vision to build the world's greatest football playing community. We are committed to facilitating to play football whenever and wherever you want. At this stage of the Startup you have the incredible potential to help us grow and shape the future of CeleBreak and to take massive influence on our Startup journey to achieve our vision…. last but not least, who doesn't want a job to play football whenever and wherever you want?
Cursos de formación:

Inglés aplicado al fútbol 300€ 270€
Coerver Intro + Webinar 97€ 19€
Coerver Youth Diploma 1 145€ 49€
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