What professional football careers are there? We’ll tell you about them

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Careers in the world of football do not have to be limited only to players, since there are many possibilities around them. Learn more about all the professions related to this sport and which are the most demanded in the market. Keep reading because we tell you all of them from Futboljobs! In the world and especially in Spain, there are a large number of jobs related to football, all of them of great importance. This means that dedicating life to this sport goes beyond just a childhood dream and becomes a professional reality.

Discover the most demanded football careers

Because football is one of the most popular sports in the world, there are so many professionals related to it. Some of them are university careers and others are learned through specialized courses.

Football coach training course

This is one of the most important careers in any sport, as it is responsible for making all the decisions, both on and off the field. The coach is the one who plans the strategies, tactics and who helps each of the players to grow, staying in constant contact with them.

To achieve this profession, the first thing is to enroll in authorized centers and in this way impart the first level training course. This initiates professional development, although many start directly as players. In any case, it is a great opportunity, which anyone with enough effort can access.

Professional footballer

The profession of professional footballer is the most well-known by everyone and you do not need an academic education to become one. The essential thing in this case is to love football, play this sport since childhood and strive to improve your skills daily.

To achieve your goals as a professional player, you can try to join a renowned club by filling out the forms on their website and attending their trials. Likewise, there are sports associations, schools, and foundations dedicated to finding talented young people to help them secure a place in the industry.

Sports nutritionist

It is one of the university degrees in football, since to practice it you must first study 4 years of the degree in nutrition. After completing the degree, you can specialize in the world of this sport, helping players maintain an appropriate physical level and advising them on their diet.

Football scout

It is responsible for searching and recognizing the talent of young athletes before anyone else. They often work under pressure, as they must make reports on the qualities and performance of young candidates. The same reports are made so that the sports director of the team can supervise them and thus make decisions about new additions or sales of players.

Football players representative

It is responsible for handling business related to player contracts and guiding footballers in their careers. They must also select brands for advertising, manage their finances, and establish the necessary marketing strategies to drive their growth.

Physical therapist in football

The physiotherapist is responsible for taking care of the joints and muscles of the football players, so they are an important part of the athletes’ lives. Particularly, football players need them to continue with their maximum performance throughout their careers. Therefore, these professionals play an important role in taking care of their well-being and recovering from various injuries or other physical problems.

Sports journalist

There is a great diversity of journalism professionals who dedicate a large part of their career to sports and specifically to football. For this, they train in different elective subjects related to sports journalism, specializing in it, and then they do a master’s degree in sports communication and journalism to reinforce their specialization. Therefore, it is a profession that requires studying a lot to be able to work in important media.


To be a referee, the most important thing is to know all the rules of football, along with each of its details. It is also essential to master the practical aspect, in order to learn how to draw up the game records, so you have to study a lot to become one.

Particularly in Spain, it is necessary to take the initiation course and then obtain the accreditation from the Royal Spanish Football Federation. It is not an easy path, but it is worth it because the reward is high, as you can earn up to 200 thousand euros per year.

Sports commentator or sports announcer

The sports commentator must also start by studying journalism, and then specialize in sports. Later, they must complement their academic achievements with a course or master’s degree to become a narrator and thus obtain the best contracts.

Sports Marketing Manager

Finally, the sports marketing manager specialized in football is also a professional of great importance. This is because they are responsible for building, communicating and monetizing the footballer, making them a sports brand in themselves

At Futboljobs, you can study with the wide range of courses available to improve your professional skills. This will help you pursue any of the football careers we have mentioned and you can also find work thanks to the daily job postings on our website.