Many journalists enter the world of sport to carry out their profession. This is undoubtedly a very entertaining area where there is always the latest news, so the demand for journalists is high. At the university, theoretical concepts are taught, but where you learn how to be a sports journalist is by facing real stories. In this sense, football and sport in general generate a great deal of news around the events that are transmitted to the public through different media: press, radio, Internet, television, etc.

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Sports journalism is a booming job in soccer

There is no doubt that numerous media platforms that publish sports news are increasing the number of jobs, and there is a constant search for journalists who know how to communicate the current events of the teams with rigor and passion. While it is true that sometimes sports journalism falls into the tabloid and the clickbait to capture the public’s attention, professionals who take their work seriously and offer an interesting and original perspective on football are highly valued

Start your career as a journalist in the sports press

If you want to work in the fascinating world of the sports press, you can find job offers on our website, in which journalists are looking for. It doesn’t matter what your background or experience is, as this is a broad enough sector to have a demand for all profiles. Even if your dream is not to be a lifelong sports journalist, this field allows you to get started in the world of work relatively easily. There are many jobs, and sport often moves large amounts of money, so it can be a good place to start.