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Do you want to know who the tallest football players are? Get to know the top 7 of those who surpass two meters on the field.

Height is not one of the most important requirements for playing football, in fact, these characteristics are often associated with slowness and lack of coordination. Nevertheless, there are many players who stand out for their great size and who are very good with the ball.

We tell you about the tallest players in history and who currently have the greatest height in football.

Discover who are the tallest football players

Today there are several players who exceed two meters in height and are considered the tallest in the world. Some of them are part of the most relevant clubs and others belong to the national teams of the countries that will soon play in the World Cup.

Tomas Holy

The tallest player still part of the game is Czech goalkeeper Tomas Holy of Ipswich Town. Born in 1991, this young man stands out when he enters the field with his great size and shines thanks to his excellent skills.

Matthew Casey

Matthew is one of the few defenders you will see on this list, but he still manages to surprise with his great height. He stands at 2.04 meters and is one of the youngest, having been born in 1999, so different teams will have his presence for a long time.

Abduol Ba 

The AJ Auxerre defender is 2.03 meters tall and has truly impressive physical power. He has already participated in different cups and tournaments, so he has a lot to enjoy on the field.

Mikkel Mena Qvist

Mikkel is a Danish and Colombian player who plays as a midfielder for AC Horsen. He was born in 1993 and is 2.03 meters tall, making him one of the tallest in the world and the first of his nationality.

Lovre Kalinic

The goalkeeper Lovre Kalinic is 2.01 meters tall and is part of Hajduk Split, loaned by Aston Villa.

Paul Onuachu

This Nigerian forward stands at a height of 2.01 meters and is considered one of the top players for KRC Genk in the Jupiler Pro League, the Belgian league.

Thibaut Courtois

This Belgian goalkeeper is one of the tallest players in the world, measuring exactly 2 meters in height.

The tallest footballer in history

The tallest recorded footballer is KVC’s Belgian league player Kristof Van Hout. It’s impressive to stand next to this player, because of his enormous size, which helps him to stop goals like no other player.

Who is the tallest football player currently?

Currently, as we have told you, the player with the highest position in the world is Tomas Holy, measuring 2.06 meters tall. He will spend a lot of time in this position or at least stay in the top positions, because of his great size and because he is one of the youngest.

You already know who the tallest football players are and each of their abilities on the field, for which they are known worldwide. At FutbolJobs we help you fulfill your dream of being part of the world of football, one of the most popular sports in the world. So come in now and find the job you need with us.

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