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If your goal is to become a goalkeeper coach in football, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can find a variety of the best job offers for goalkeeping coaches, both in UK, USA and other countries.

To excel in this field, it’s crucial to have the proper training, which typically involves obtaining the official coaching certification. Additionally, previous experience as a player, especially in high-performance teams, is highly valued. This experience not only provides a deep understanding of the game but also strategies on how to improve goalkeepers’ performance during training sessions.

Don’t miss the opportunity to advance in your career as a football goalkeeper coach. Check out our job board dedicated to goalkeeping coaches and start your journey towards success in this exciting field.


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Health and Performance Manager (M/F/X) for the Belgian Football Federation.
Health and Performance Manager (M/F/X) for the Belgian Football Federation. THIS WILL BE YOUR ROLE It is of the utmost importance that players from all Belgian national teams, as well as Belgian refer...
Women's forward for Cyprus league club
They are looking for female soccer players for the Cyprus league club. For a team that 90% will play in Europe next season (Champions League or Europe). Positions:- Front. The soccer club requirements...
Football players for Spain's 2nd division club
They are looking for players for Spain's 2nd division club. Positions:- Any position except goalkeeper.The soccer club requirements are as follows:- Experience in leagues of a similar or higher level....
Football players for the Dutch Eredivisie club
They are looking for players for the Dutch Eredivisie club. Positions:- Right central defender. - Front. - Left side. - Right side. - Left central defender. - Left end. - Midfielder, game creator. - M...
Youth Football Fitness Trainer for Chapecoense Football Association, Brazil
Chapecoense hires: Youth Football Fitness Trainer If you love soccer and are looking for a new challenge, come and be part of our team! For this position, you will plan the training routine together w...
Futbol Base
Midfielder for Kuwaiti League Club
They are looking for players for Kuwait's league club. Positions: - Number 10. The soccer club requirements are as follows: - Experience in leagues of a similar or higher level. - Send sports CV/ Tran...
Soccer players for Argentine 1st division clubs
We have several requests from Argentine 1st division clubs to reinforce their teams. Requirements - Only for professional players who have competed in the last year. - Have a profile on Transfermarkt....
Video Scouts for Swansea City AFC, England
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Swansea City AFC is looking for highly motivated and detail-oriented Video Scouts to join our scouting and recruitment team. The Video Scout will be responsible for analyzing and reporting on possible...
Footballers for Andorra's Premier League club
They are looking for players for Andorra's Premier League club. Positions: - Front. - Extreme The soccer club requirements are as follows:- Experience in leagues of a similar or higher level.- Send sp...
Soccer players for the Czech Republic's 3rd division club
Czech Republic
They are looking for players for the Czech Republic's 3rd division club. Positions: - Goalkeeper min. 1.90 m. - Right back 1k. - Midfielder 6/8. 1k. - Extreme. 1200€. The soccer club requirements ar...
Center back (left) for 1st Division (U.S. Major League Soccer)
United States of America
LCB (Left Center Defender) experienced for the 1st Division of the MLS. Club requirements -Left-handed or right-handed but must be exceptional as an LCB.-Comfortable in accumulations, especi...
Midfielder for league club Eccellenza, 5th Division of Italy.
They are looking for players for the Eccellenza league club, 5th Division of Italy. Positions: - Midfielder-Playmaker.The soccer club requirements are as follows: - Experience in leagues of a similar ...

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In the fast-paced and competitive universe of football, changes in the coaching staff are a constant. Results that don’t meet expectations often trigger strategic movements, and this is where the crucial role of the football goalkeeper coach comes into play. A new focus on specific goalkeeper training may be the key to transforming the team’s dynamics and achieving success on the field.

Clubs and boards recognize the value of strong leadership and specialized tactical vision. They know that a skilled coach can make a difference in the team’s performance. Therefore, when changes are needed, they prioritize adjusting the coaching staff rather than making drastic modifications to the player roster. This practice underscores the importance and impact that a competent football goalkeeper coach can have on the team’s overall performance.

Join us in the search for your next job opportunity. Discover the most exciting and challenging offers that will allow you to take your passion for football to new heights and achieve success in your career as a goalkeeper coach.

Becoming a football goalkeeper coach is an increasingly sought-after option in the job market

The demand for football goalkeeper coaches is constantly growing, making it one of the most coveted occupations today. The world of football offers highly attractive financial rewards for those who choose to pursue coaching.

Aware of the opportunities beyond our borders, we also focus on providing job opportunities for football goalkeeper coaches abroad. Spanish goalkeeper coaches have a solid reputation in other countries, increasing their demand in the international market.

The best job opportunities for football goalkeeping coaches in our Job Board

If you’re seeking a unique professional and personal experience, unafraid of adventure, we invite you to explore the opportunities awaiting outside of Spain. The demand for goalkeeper coaches abroad is significantly high, and we’re here to help you access the best available offers.

Football, recognized as the king of sports, continues to draw crowds, and the need for specialized coaches keeps growing. If you have training or experience in goalkeeper coaching, we encourage you to visit our website to stay informed about the latest and most exciting job opportunities in this thrilling field of football goalkeeper coaching.

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