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Soccer players and technical director for a 1st division club in Argentina

  • Role: Director Tecnico
  • Level: Professional
  • Salary: To be agreed
  • published 202 days ago



The project would consist of: Dt, physical trainer and prop man, the latter (in charge of the club).

1- Players: There would be a total of 35 of which there would be 3 goalkeepers and 32 court players.

2- Team: It is prioritized to have players of the type and taste (Dt), always taking into account the youth project, added to having a number of players no more than 10 of average age (23 to 33 years) to be able compete in an annual tournament, classification for the Jump Cup and classification for a decagonal tournament, these would be purely and exclusively brought by the coaching staff without conditions (Dt and Pf).

3- Training: From 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. without exception.

The training sessions will be egalitarian and equitable, in turn technical talks will be given and when necessary, motivational talks.

Discipline and habits come first, anyone who does not comply with what is established will not be taken into account.

The training sessions are going to be serious but always taking into account the enjoyment, commitment, honesty, desire and hopes of fulfilling short, medium and long-term objectives in the game commitments in which one is participating.

4- Inferiors: A weekly visit will be made with each teacher of each category, so that the boy who is establishing himself in his category and doing very well during the week, can share training with the 1st division and thus also be taken into account if The board considers it.

5- Rules of coexistence: Once the squad is formed, a talk would be given with it, in a place to be agreed upon where the rules to follow will be detailed and will be established throughout the year, so that each player understands and knows how resolve each sporting situation, conflictive or personal, inside or outside the institution.

6- Game model and system: A game system will be used according to the players available and not a game model from other projects or colleagues.

Job position
Director Tecnico

To be agreed


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