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Recruitment analyst for York City Football Club, England

  • Role: Analyst
  • Level: Professional
  • Salary: To be agreed
  • published 208 days ago


York City Football Club are looking to recruit a First Team Recruitment Data Analyst to join their progressive recruitment department. Reporting to the Manager, Head of Recruitment and General Manager you will make a very valuable contribution to the selection process, playing a key role in identifying and monitoring potential transfer targets, managing Club data processes, assisting in the decision-making phase and in the management of the recruiting department.

1. JOB TITLE: First Team Recruitment Data Analyst responsible for: First Team Manager, Recruitment Manager and General Manager


• Scouting potential transfer targets, both live and on video, to identify players for York City, in line with the club's playing philosophy.

• Work closely with the Head of Recruitment, General Manager and recruiting department to develop and maintain relationships with clubs and agents.

• Manage and continue to innovate club-wide data processes.

• Support the club's end-to-end recruiting process, contributing to recruiting meetings and the decision-making process.

• Assist in the implementation of a new recruitment strategy for the entire club.

• Support in the management of the scouting and recruiting department.

• Play a key role in the CPD of the club's Scouts and Recruitment Analysts.

• Supervise the management of the scout report database.

• Identify opportunities for process improvement and innovation.


• Encode and analyze the gameplay performance of potential scouting targets through data and


• Rigorously generate quantitative and qualitative data that supports decision making in the

Identification of players with potential to play for the Club.

• An experienced individual with a proven track record of working within a successful company.

Recruitment department.

• Experience using a variety of data and software platforms.

• Work with the recruitment analysis team to collect and analyze technical aspects,

Tactical and physical reference points.

• Strong professional networks and industrial contracts.

• Exceptional work ethic and attention to detail.

• Ability to work flexible hours, including travel throughout the UK.

Job position

To be agreed


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