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The Football Association of Finland is looking for a Head of Coach Education.

As the Head of Coach Education at the Football Association of Finland, you will be responsible for strategy implementation and the management of strategic development projects in terms of coaching expertise, covering both football and futsal, and reaching from leisure time activities to top level sports. You will have national responsibility for the development work and implementation of coach education approaches and processes. You will be responsible for the planning, monitoring and reporting of education activities.

Your key objective will be to develop Finnish coaching processes in such a way that the system operating in Finland will produce excellent coaches in the long term, who are able to create a positive and educational practice environment for players during their journey to their own peak performance.

As a member of the player development management board, you will be responsible for the recruitment of the education team. You have the competency to manage education activities in a structured and systematic manner, as well as the ability to motivate your team and coaches operating in Finland to increase their performance level. In the role of Head of Coach Education, you will report to the Sports Director of the Football Association of Finland.

You will manage your operations with a strong emphasis on values. You have excellent leadership qualities and communication skills. Your pedagogic skills are at an excellent level. You are familiar with the demands and networks of international football. You have a vision concerning the development of modern learning systems, and the ability to apply them in the development of the sport’s coaching processes. You have a strong understanding about the contents concerning the development of a top athlete and the core processes of coaching and you are able to apply this knowledge to the Finnish football framework. You appreciate knowledge management and you have skills to network with research information producing parties.


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They value experience in the management duties of competitive sports at the highest level. You hold a graduate degree suitable for the position and you should be fluent in spoken and written English. Other national and international degrees, experience in a similar position and knowledge of other languages (particularly Finnish and Swedish) are considered advantages.