They are looking for academy coaches in India.
This is a grassroots academy with children from 5 to 18 years old.
They have about 250 children in the five groups of different ages.


  • The coach must fully comply with the law and regulations of India and the regulations of the academy.
  • The coach must be under the direct direction of Academy, to execute all decisions of The Academy.
  • The coach will contribute to the Academy regularly to the best of his personal knowledge, skill and technical ability
  • During training and play with a spirit of solidarity, cooperation and respect for your support staff.
  • The coach will not participate or provide support in any case to the other academies; nor provide any third party
    any information on the activities of the Academy, unless explicitly allowed by the Academy management
  • If any other Academy requests the support of the coach, the coach must immediately inform the Academy of said request and comply with any official decision made by The Academy
  • The coach must mark attendance at the Academy Office every day, if the coach is absent without permission of the Academy Administration, a deductible monthly rate day will be penalized from the corresponding monthly rate
  • The coach must participate in all promotional activities organized by The Academy or its sponsors.
  • The coach agrees to travel with the Academy team for tournaments that are necessary or appropriate.
  • The coach agrees to practice sessions during the temporary contract.
  • The coach must attend all meetings, training seminars, video sessions, psychology sessions organized by The Academy.
  • The coach recognizes and understands the importance of providing players and their parents with useful and constructive feedback, through assessments.
  • The coach agrees to supervise the grassroots festivals and other football activities in the Academy’s youth system.


  • $ 500 salary.
  • Free food and accommodation.


  • Coach's license
  • Fluent English
  • Send CV and cover letter in English