Are you passionate about football and always wanted to start your own company and build something by yourself?

The company
CeleBreak is a company for everyone who doesn’t know where and with whom to play football.

Our vision => To become the world’s greatest football community.Our
Our mission => Connecting people through a fun and easy way to play football.

Your mission
Build Berlin’s greatest football community by growing the number of games per day in the city and by delivering an easy and fun way to play great games of football.

Your 2 main goals
• Deliver the greatest football playing experience in Berlin by increasing the average customer rating to 4,7 stars within Year 1.
• Grow the number of games to 30 per day within Year 1.
Your sub goals
•Source, recruit, train, manage and lead up to 100 new organisers in order ensure the availability of high quality organisers for our goal of 210 games per week within year 1.
•Source, negotiate and find up to 15 more well located football fields in year 1.
•Establish a lean logistic system for each match, so that each match has a guarantee for balls, bibs, music and a well-trained organiser for our goal of 210 games per week within year 1.


  • Benefits:
  • Play football whenever and wherever you want.
  • 2 yearly trips with other city owners to CeleBreak’s headquarters in Barcelona.
  • Flexibility & autonomy; work whenever, wherever and however you want, as long as the results are met.
  • €200 allowance for football gear.
  • €1500 allowance for educational courses.
  • €2000 for successful employee referrals.


  • Your non-negotiable requirement.
  • Native German or at least C2 level.
  • Competencies.
  • Proactivity.
  • Positive mind-set.
  • Efficiency.
  • Honesty & integrity.
  • Innovative intelligence.
  • Ego free behaviour.
  • Ability to hire A-players.