Required. Coaches for young football academy in Wuhan-China.


  • The initial economic conditions are € 2600 net / 12 monthly payments + monthly allowances (between € 100-200) + Shared housing with another partner (with the possibility of living only contributing the difference-€ 200 of spending approximately).
  • The contract would be renewable for a second year with a € 200 increase in the fixed amount, passing the base salary to € 2800 net.
  • Equally, under the conditions, each coach would have two round-trip tickets to Spain for Christmas-Summer, dates when the 40-day vacation is shared between the two periods.


  • It is required to apply for the position Sports Degree in Soccer, and the proven experience in grassroots football and sports career will be valued.
  • The incorporation would be within a period of approximately one month.
  • Interested send CV.