Commercial Director

Do you want to be part of an organization that thrills millions of Danes on the slopes seven days a week? Are you a strong leader with business experience who manages to rally and excite your team, as well as current and future partners? Are you able to create results and momentum for DBU to become the most attractive sports organization in commercial contexts? So this is a unique opportunity to be part of a committed organization, where we are all passionate about being part of something bigger.


You will be at the helm of a committed and dedicated team of 12 employees, all of whom are passionate about making a difference in everyday life. There are various disciplines within, for example, marketing, sales, fans, events, digital, broadcasting and e-commerce. They all share a desire to continually strengthen business results for the benefit of both DBU and our partners. In collaboration with your team, you must define and secure DBU’s business revenue in both the short and long term.

You are also characterized by:

Have experience with commercial rights and have an eye for new concepts and services.
With his experience in trading commercial rights, he manages to create some good conditions for our current and future partners. You are strong in digital and your experience allows you to develop and implement new concepts, business and market development strategies. Continually identifies new opportunities and develops new customer relationships.

Have documented management experience.
He is an empathetic and motivating leader and thrives in a position where he can rally his employees, among other things, because of his seniority and professionalism. He has documented leadership experience and the ability to create motivation and development in his team through clear and appreciative leadership.

Being a strong partner both internally and externally.
As a commercial director, you get a wide range of contacts both external and internal. Internally, you manage to collaborate across departments for the common good. He is also good at stakeholder management and has political acumen. It is important that you are able to engage at all levels inside and outside the organization and manage to act in a landscape with many interests, where daily life can be changing. Detects problems and translates them into good results with the proper participation of the different parties.

How to apply:
Send us your CV and your motivated application, where you explain, among other things, how you will approach the task as DBU’s commercial director during the first 100 days.

Deadline for application:
Sunday March 13, 2022. Testing will be included as part of the selection process.


  • A vibrant and exciting workplace with a good atmosphere and competent colleagues and employees, where job tasks are challenging and versatile, and where humor and professional responsibility thrive well together.
  • You will lead DBU Commercial and be part of the DBU management team with reference to the DBU CEO.
  • In the management team, they ensure interdisciplinary collaboration, since many projects and decisions require collaboration and coordination.


  • Have experience in marketing commercial rights with an advantage in the world of sports.
  • Be interested in budgeting and financial management.
  • Have a relevant academic background.
  • Have an understanding of the social role of DBU and be: "Part of something bigger."
  • Being able to focus and remain calm when you are busy and there are many interests at stake, ability to prioritize and ensure focus on the most important tasks of daily life, both for you and your team.