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Next week we will be holding meetings for interested investors looking to purchase football clubs. Please reply to this post with your prefered option/s if you would be interested in booking a Zoom call time slot so we can explain about option in dept. Serious people only thanks
Below is a list Clubs we are currently working with available for sale/Investment
Thanks Andy

Option No 1 ??
based in Poland- we have clubs available for sale/investment from 2 tier to 5th tier. All depending on the interested parties budget.You don’t have to worry about language barrier as me and my colleague speak Polish fluently and would be fully at your disposal to assist building a powerful force in Poland. Why I feel Poland is a good choice is because the currency is a lot cheaper than that of euros meaning you can do more with the smaller amount of money. Labour will also be a lot cheaper. Not to mention it’s in the center of Europe and I feel with the right plan you could turn a club into one of the top clubs in the country.

Option Number 2
based in Spain ??
fourth level of the Spanish football league system
They are currently looking for 220.000 euros for 100% ownership

Option Number 3
based in Portugal ??
Portugal 4 division Portuguese law requires that each club owns a minimum of 10% of the club.
The sharing of club shares between the Investor the
Club and the Founders, will be as follows:
60% for the Main Investor (Buy 60% Shares Amount 250.000€)
10% for the club
30% for the founders of the club
The plan is to move the club from Division 4 to Liga Nos in the space of 7 years.

Option Number 4
based in Macedonia ??
1st Division Club / champion club of the country..previously qualified for Europe cup previous years
Pay €2 Million Debt take 100% ownership of the club

Option number 5
Uzbekistan ??
This club has been recently registered into the Uzbekistan championship which starts in September, the club has the potential to become the best club in it’s country and possibly in Asia under the right guidance
Fee : €100k-200k = partial ownership/investment/loan

Option number 6 ??
Latvia 2nd Tier Clubs available
In case of earned transfer fees the distribution is as follows: 50% to Investor and 50% to the platform club.Investor retains the rights to decide on what terms his players can move to another club. Residency permit.
Relatively small ammount to invest 100 00 – 300 00 euros
New head coach
New sporting director
Players throughout the season – 8 to 12

Option Number 7 ??
Kosovo based is 98 years old. It was nGO, last year the owner privatived the club
It owns a stadium with approx 3-4K capacity (in city center, it need some investment and government approved 1M investment)…a new training facility is being built…
The city loved futboll and lives with it…(so it has the crazy support from the fans). Currently we run in the Kosovo Football First.league.
Since the club was on transformation, changing the management and many other things (that was the main focus).
Main focus is on academy. Since club used to build many talents, and city itself has many talents
Our main international player is Milot Rashica.Ths population has around 100K ppl.
Currently pur academy has around 120 childers, in the city totally around 650 childers are going to futboll courses etc.
In Kosovo national team. 4-5 players are from our city and club.
Clubs vision is to create an international academy develop top talented young players and sell them on.





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