We are: an organisation that stands for a world with a level playing field, on and off the pitch. We establish grassroots soccer programmes for girls and use sport as a tool to develop leadership skills. We focus on sustainable impact that can promote gender equality in local communities and give more girls better prospects for their futures.
Since establishment, we have launched our Mexico club and England club, impacted over 1,000+ girls across both, worked with over 80+ coaches – local and international – and started working towards an ambitious vision. Along the way, we have created partnerships with a range of exciting organisation and supporters, including Arsenal FC, the King’s Entrepreneurship Institute’s renowned Accelerator Programme and EY Foundation’s Accelerate.
We are growing quickly and undertaking a series of exciting projects. Being part of the team means believing in the cause and being invested in the progress of the organisation. Founded on values of equality and empowerment, the organisation is a space for innovation, action and growth with positive social impact at its roots.

Is growing into new areas and we are looking for a Club Manager New York to join the team to assist in the strategy, planning and execution of new projects. This position is an opportunity to be ambitious with the aim of developing our community in New York, both on and off the pitch. The position requires a wide range of activities and will require independent, proactive work with the aim of reaching our long-term vision.
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
• Researching and creating in-depth business plans to bring our projects to life, including establishing targets, budgets, processes, impact measurement and understanding potential partners, competitors, SWOT analysis
• Planning, implementing, and executing programmes which could range from club sessions, holiday camps or partnered programmes – from venue hire and coach administration to player recruitment
• Managing communication with families, partners and players and improving outreach of each project ¬¬– it is crucial to build a community around the organisation and provide an excellent service to them
• Seeking of growth opportunities, increasing participation and expanding activity in the region (e.g. increasing player participation, session delivery, raise awareness of the organisation in the area through school programmes, holiday camps and club sessions).
• Planning and preparation of events (fundraisers, tournaments, leagues)
• Working closely to the Managing Director for strategy planning and regular progress reports
The role includes the following Head Coach activities:
• Coaching across age groups and ability levels
• Administration of player registration, team management, competitions and schedules.
• Developing curriculum and overseeing player satisfaction
• Supporting new coaches in their development (feedback, mentorship, workshops and on-pitch support).
• Full-time – 40 hours per week – flexible, combination of on-pitch/off-pitch
• Annual Salary: $35,000-$65,000 – depending on experience / time commitment
• Location: New York

Where This Could Take You: We invest in the development of our team as much as of our players. This position is a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth.
• You will have access to all the resources of our partnerships that range from coaching courses, online resources and business development opportunities. These partnerships include: EY Foundation Accelerate Programme, Coaches Across Continents, Arsenal FC, the Positive Coaching Alliance, amongst others.
• As the organisation grows, so can you. This position could lead to performance-based growth, stock option plans and compensation increases as the organisation grows.

The nature of this position will require certain characteristics and competencies in order for you and the organisation to make the most of it:
• Highly motivated, proactive worker capable of working independently
• Excellent written and spoken communications skills – you must be comfortable speaking in front of groups or individuals from different capacities and capable of writing professional reports and briefs
• Excellent organisational skills with the ability to manage multiple work streams and have attention for detail simultaneously
• Business creative and strategic thinking – this position is one with space for being creative and you must be motivated to make the most of this
• Confident, outgoing personality – as a representative of Girls United, you must promote it with the adequate eloquence and enthusiasm
• Hardworking and responsible – Girls United will grow as much as its team permits, therefore we are only interested in candidates that are willing to put the work in and invested in the project.

Cover letter should include:
– Brief description of relevant experience, training, qualification
– Overview of your coaching values and qualities
– Motivation for applying to role and for joining organisation
– Maximum of 2 pages

CV should be easy to read and concise

Application Process:

1. Submit CV and cover letter
2. A 30-minute phone interview
3. Practical interview, which will consist of completing a brief office-based task and coaching a mock session
4. Final conversation to address any remaining questions and ensure the compatibility of the candidate with the organisation

Deadlines and timeline:
• Application closing date: Jan 24th
• Phone Interview: Jan 25th- 31st
• Practical Interview: Feb 1st -Feb 7th
• Start Date: Feb 2021

Good luck!


• Full-time – 40 hours per week – flexible, combination of on-pitch/off-pitch
• The role includes working from home as well as visiting different locations in New York


Desirable Qualifications & Experience
• Understanding and knowledge of the grassroots soccer industry locally
• Experience in project or event management (2+ years)
• Experience in social impact and/or sports related industries (2+ years)
• Coaching qualifications – minimum FA Level 2, USSD or equivalent