How to join a football club?

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Many people wonder how to become a professional footballer, as it is one of the best paid jobs and at the same time the dream of many children. If you play in lower categories or in a lower division, we have a series of recommendations to ascend in your career as a football player.

First of all, we must differentiate between those who are without a team and those who are already part of a club. If you are in the “unemployment” of footballers, it is most advisable that you contact a team in which you can do a trial. If you have never played at a federated level but have the level in the street football, it is best to enter the routine of a team as soon as possible.

You don’t even have to be a signing, but a person who is allowed to train voluntarily to help when there are missing people or simply maintain intensity and motivation. If you have a friend who does play in a club, that is a good entry. After all, recommendations, as in any other field, carry a lot of weight when incorporating a person.Saber cómo es el día a día en un club

To know what the day-to-day is like in a club

Knowing firsthand how the training sessions work will give you a broader perspective of how a club works from the inside. From the planning of each session to how the matches are faced is a whole world, as each coach has their own techniques, but head coaches usually do everything possible to achieve a good result on the weekend, regardless of the category.
If you already have some experience in federated football, it will be easier to join a club, since there are surely coaches or scouts who know you. In this way, if you have a certain level or specific skills that may be useful for a team, it is likely that you will receive a call from someone interested in you. If not, you have the option to better understand the universe of job offers in our job board.

Use Futboljobs to find a team

FutbolJobs is the perfect place to connect players looking for a team and coaches, scouts or sports directors. As in any other field, the hiring process has an online phase in which you can get to know the candidates for a position better, and in that sense we have an updated database so that you can be aware of all the job opportunities that exist.

Even if they are not offers for your profile, you can have more knowledge about what the people offering jobs in the clubs are looking for, and in the same way understand how to improve your chances of finding a job in a football team.

Beyond the multimillion-dollar signings of the most important clubs, finding a team is not always easy because the football market can be somewhat complex. From Footballjobs we hope to be able to help you, both with the advantages offered by our platform and with the advice we have left for you here. Anyway, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us and ask us.