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Although we usually see a lot of information about what famous footballers earn, there is not as much clarity about salaries in the third division. Without a doubt, the figures are very different, although that does not mean that it is insufficient to live on. With the aim of shedding some light on the matter, from Futboljobs we want to make some observations in this regard.

A very heterogeneous category

First of all, it is important to clarify that it is difficult to make categorical statements in such a broad division as the Third Division. With 18 groups and around 20 teams in each, the circumstances are very varied, so we will try to cover the entire spectrum and establish a range. Similarly, the more modest clubs do not pay the same as those that make a clear bet for promotion to the 2nd division. In the second case, with foreign players included, there is an even greater outlay, even at the risk of incurring debts that call into question the future viability of the project.

Footballers’ salaries in the Third Division

As we were saying, the range is quite wide: from playing practically for free in exchange for paying expenses to 2000 euros per month and accommodation. These are the amounts that are handled in a category that, depending on the club, varies between more professional teams and others more amateur.

It should be taken into account that some teams train in the mornings, which prevents the player from having a “normal” job to combine it with their football career. To those players, a little more will be paid and they may also be offered to train a base team (benjamins, alevines, etc.) in case they are also getting their coaching license.

On the other hand, more modest teams choose to only sign players from the area, so they have to take on the costs of travel or accommodation. This way, expenses are reduced, and training sessions are scheduled for the evening, so it does not directly affect the majority of jobs they can get, so football is not their way of life but becomes an economic complement.

Work as a football player

As you can see, salaries are very different and will depend a lot on the team and the player’s level, but living off football in the third division is a viable option. In our job board, we publish offers for footballers of all levels, so it may be interesting for you to check regularly if you want to step up in your player remuneration.
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You should also not forget that the salary is usually closely linked to the performance on the field, so the best way to increase the salary is to improve the level. Take advantage to be 100% physically and mentally when the competition arrives and maybe you are interested in having the advice of some agent or specialized professional to get a higher amount when negotiating your salary with teams.