Football is a sport that is complex enough so that training sessions can be divided into different sections, which in turn have different specialized trainers.

In this way, the structure of training and match preparation does not depend only on the head coach, but there is a distribution of tasks, where each person is truly an expert in the field and allows optimizing the team’s performance.

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When you want to train at a tactical and technical level, you find a great offer, but what types of football courses can you find? The federations offer the possibility of obtaining the regulated degree, where they impart technical, tactical, regulation, health, physiotherapy, etc. knowledge. However, if you have already mastered the basic subjects, you can specialize and become an expert in more specific fields such as sports medicine, rival scouting, talent recruitment, game systems, physical preparation, and much more.

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In the XXI century, training is very different and classes in which a teacher gives a speech and students are dedicated to listening, taking notes and writing the same in an exam are no longer valued. The advantage of new technologies is that with an Internet connection you can access a course from anywhere on the planet. For this reason, in recent years online courses have proliferated, and the same happens in the field of football. If you want to continue your football training but have difficulty in schedules or live far from specialized centers, do not worry because there are numerous online platforms that allow you to complement your knowledge from a distance.