Discover what a basic first aid kit for football players looks like.

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When considering the basic equipment for playing football we usually think about clothes, boots, balls, training accessories… But we must not forget the importance of health, and that is why we must have a football first aid kit with everything we need in case of injuries or wounds.

Although there is usually one person in the team who is in charge of managing the first aid kit, whether it is the kitman, the doctor or the football physiotherapist, the truth is that the players should be told what is in the kit so that they know how to use it in case something serious happens.

What does a football kit look like?

Although it may seem logical to have all the products on the market to solve any problem that may arise. However, the opposite is the case. It is not an infirmary, but a portable device where you can carry the essentials to be able to act quickly.

In addition, using a first aid kit with too many products can be counterproductive, as taking them out of the original box so that they take up more space can lead to them breaking, especially if there are glass containers.

What’s in the first aid kit?

As we say, it is important to decide which medicines and materials to use in a football match or in training sessions. Here is a suggestion:

Sterile scissors, tweezers and needles.
Sterile scalpel for incisions
Ice packs or cold gel to minimise possible swelling
Stapler for stapling cuts
Gauze, bandages, adhesive tape and band-aids
Cotton wool
Hydrogen peroxide, alcohol or povidone to treat wounds
Analgesic spray
Disinfectant soap
As you can see, this minimalist option does not imply carrying a large amount of things that would prevent you from moving lightly and quickly when it is time to jump onto the pitch to treat an injured player, or to treat a wound or blister during half-time.

However, lately we have seen doctors and physiotherapists taking some extra precautionary measures, such as the use of disposable latex gloves or masks. Although you don’t have to carry a spare in your first aid kit, they don’t take up too much space and are accessories to ensure health and allow you to act more quickly.

Of course, depending on the level of the equipment, the first aid kit can be larger. For example, if the team travels more comfortably, you can even carry two kits, one to keep in the dugout and the dressing room with everything you need to treat injuries and a lighter one to take on the field with you. It is not the same as playing in the elite or regional categories, so at Futboljobs we propose both versions.

In short, although the space is not excessive, the importance of a first aid kit with everything necessary for the players cannot be overlooked. After all, the health of the footballers must be guaranteed with the materials and medicines proposed here you can get an idea of what is needed.