Top ten best defensive midfielders in the history of soccer

The defensive midfielder, also known as a defensive pivot or simply a midfielder, is a crucial figure in the game of soccer. His ability to intercept, distribute and protect the defense has been fundamental in the history of the game. Over the decades, several players have excelled in this position, leaving an indelible legacy in […]

Ranking of the 7 tallest football players

Do you want to know who the tallest football players are? Get to know the top 7 of those who surpass two meters on the field. Height is not one of the most important requirements for playing football, in fact, these characteristics are often associated with slowness and lack of coordination. Nevertheless, there are many […]

What professional football careers are there? We’ll tell you about them

Careers in the world of football do not have to be limited only to players, since there are many possibilities around them. Learn more about all the professions related to this sport and which are the most demanded in the market. Keep reading because we tell you all of them from Futboljobs! In the world […]

The 10 best football players in history

Although it is difficult to make comparisons between players from different eras, this type of historical rankings serve to see the sport with perspective and realize the impact that some football players have, both for contemporary fans and over the years. Discover the ranking of the best football players in history In this historical classification […]

How much does a third division football player earn

Although we usually see a lot of information about what famous footballers earn, there is not as much clarity about salaries in the third division. Without a doubt, the figures are very different, although that does not mean that it is insufficient to live on. With the aim of shedding some light on the matter, […]

How to join a football club?

Many people wonder how to become a professional footballer, as it is one of the best paid jobs and at the same time the dream of many children. If you play in lower categories or in a lower division, we have a series of recommendations to ascend in your career as a football player. First […]