Futboljobs has a close relationship with professional agents, also users of our platform, who contact football players and coaches to help them in their professional careers. Today we interview Fokom Simo, a prominent FutbolJobs collaborator.

How did you get involved in the world of football agents?

I was a footballer and I didn’t have the chance to play at the top level because I didn’t have a good person to direct me from whom I decided to help the youngest to succeed and that’s where I decided to do the job of player agent

What does a day’s work look like in a football agent’s diary?

Being a player’s agent is a lot of work because you have to talk to more than 50 people a day you have to travel a lot for appointments you have to travel to do detections it’s not easy

Does an agent have to have a degree or studies?

To be a normal world class agent you need a diploma but today there are a lot of agents who work without a diploma he feels very well

An agent has to be a tough negotiator, what other qualities does an agent need to have?

Me personally I trust my instinct because most players contact me via my social networks

How do you earn the trust of a player to sign with your agency?

An agent must listen to the players and know how to distinguish between the player and the club

From your point of view, what requirements must a football player have to find a team?

We know that football requires a lot of discipline and talent will come after for a player to be disciplined to find a club easily

What advice would you give to a player to help him progress in his career?

Be serious and always stay humble only hard work pays off

How do you know that a young player can really become a footballer?

Part are want to evolve because we know that only work pays

How is the coronavirus crisis affecting the football market?

Many clubs are decreasing financially and also others prefer today to recruit more European passport players

How did you find out about the FutbolJobs platform?

On the Internet

How many of the players who have contacted you through FootballJobs have you been able to find them a team?

Already 5 player

Would you recommend the FutbolJobs platform to other professionals in the football industry?

Yes indeed it is a platform that helps a lot of young people to find clubs

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