Today we present you a new success story of our platform. Aldo Ruiz, an American footballer, has signed this month with Mérida Promesas Nueva Ciudad after being contacted through FutbolJobs by the company Island Talent. Aldo joins the long list of successes we have had since the start of 2021. Whenever a player, FutbolJobs user, gets a job, it is a reason for pride for us all who work on the platform.

Aldo Ruiz is an offensive footballer, versatile, who can play in all three attacking positions: winger, midfielder, and striker. Born on 19 August 1999, he grew up as a player in the University League with Loyola University of Maryland and has played for DC United, demonstrating his goalscoring ability and striking profile. With the help of FutbolJobs, and the work of Island Talent, he has been able to make the leap to Spanish football to begin his career in Europe.

The American striker wanted to leave a message to all FutbolJobs users and followers: “My name is Aldo Ruiz, I’m 21 years old, and I’m from the United States. Thanks to FutbolJobs, I was able to post my sports CV on the platform and was contacted by an agency called Island Talent. That allowed me to try out for a professional team in Spain. Because of them, I joined the club, now I’m here playing day-to-day. FutbolJobs allows you to create your profile, show your experience and then be contacted by agents or teams and get the opportunity to play at another level and in different countries like Spain”.

Thank you for your words, for sharing your experience with the other users, and good luck in your new professional adventure. From FutbolJobs, we will closely follow your steps in Mérida Promesas.

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