Carta de presentación:

Having been a professional hockey player, I have been involved in all levels of playing and coaching sports. My passion is to keep developing youth sport and I have a vision of running sport development sessions across the country. My studies (Sports Science); experience as a Strength + Conditioning coach and extensive research in biomechanics, have helped develop this seamless system. Tried and tested in South Africa, my unique skill set has given my athletes an edge over their competition (winning various tournaments and Cups).

I have developed personalised and specialised high performance sessions which incorporate crossing the midline, improving gross / fine motor skills, correcting posture and enhancing coordination skills which may be useful for all athletes (no matter what age).

My experience includes:

– Coordinating fitness plans for all sports (including: hockey, football, cricket, athletics, netball, swimming, rugby, golf and gymnastics)
– One one one high performance sessions (as explained above)
– Developing an injury prevention plan for athletes in rehabilitation process
– Sports specific training sessions (ie: rugby scrum half / football goalie)
– Fitness testing – both written and physical


Richmond HC

May 2019 Head of Strength + Conditioning

– Design sessions to match the skill and learning levels of all athletes
– Work with club physio to modify client sessions based on injury rehabilitation
– Lead kinesthetic group sessions to help individuals develop their targeted fitness goals