Carta de presentación:

With great enthusiasm I sink the vacancies as football youth coach on your website. That made me enthusiastic.
I am Behrouz Moghaddasi. I am 28 years old and I have been living in Duiven for five years and I was born in Iran (Tehran).
 My best qualities are that I am social everywhere, for example I am a real person who I can always easily communicate with everyone. I always want to win. I really disagree with losing. I want to achieve everything I need. I am someone I have made a great plan of my future.
My motivation and goal here is to make a professional football coach with whom I am already interested in working at a football academy or football club that his passion and culture is exactly the same for me and where I can further develop myself towards my goal, and that is a very conscious choice for me decision. I want to have a good sporting life of myself and all who want to cooperate with me or make life.
 I am very impressed with my goals,This is the subject on which I wrote my thesis.


Astum college

2016/2019 Sport en movment


Football academy NEC Nijmegen -Youth

2017 Assistent coach

Sportclub NEC Nijmegen first team senioren

2016 Assistent trainer

Footballclub AVW'66 Youth U 17 niveau 4 division pro

2015 / 2016 Assisten trainer Youth U 17 at 4 division